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Poland: District heating as a success factor

by dbdh

The generation and transport of district heating is a booming business in Poland. In a highly competitive market with a great need for expansion and modernization, SFW Energia, relies on working in partnership with local authorities and by doing so is achieving considerable success.

When our eastern neighbors suffered a cold spell last winter, it was clearly visible in the air: In order to warm up the millions of homes, thousands of stoves, which were already quite old, roared at full blast and caused smog for weeks, especially in the Silesian regions of the country. More than 60 percent of households in Poland still use coal for heating and – illegally – also use other materials that burn and generate heat, but also produce harmful exhaust gases. “This effect is not new in Silesia: Unfortunately, it has existed for decades,” says Ewa Wassmuth, who manages the business of SFW Energia together with Antoni Slomiany and Bernard Barteczko. “But in Poland, too, people have become more environmentally conscious. Everyone wants to live in a clean environment today,” she adds.

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Source: Steag.com