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Podcast: “We are all in the same boat!”

by Linda Bertelsen

District heating has through many crises managed to support the energy system in multiple ways. Now we need to move even further and MUCH faster away from natural gas. Again, district heating can help both in the short term and the long term.

DBDH podcast - Conversion from gas

The way forward is two-fold. One part is to take natural gas out of the heat supply to our district heating systems. The next is to convert as many gas-heated buildings as possible to DH as soon as possible. Two managing directors in this half-hour podcast discuss what they do and how they support their cities route forward to carbon neutrality and a zero-reliance on gas. Remember, gas not used in one place can help others rely heavily on gas in other parts of Europe.

Inspiration on how to convert from gas

Listen along as Morten Jordt Duedahl interviews two experts, Jens Andersen, managing director of Naestved District Heating, and Jesper Moeller-Larsen, managing director of the DH company in Aalborg. Both are working on converting more of their cities from gas to district heating every day in Denmark. The aim is to inspire others to start their gas conversions and, as always, an invitation to knowledge sharing. The focus is on how to implement conversions.

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