PlanEnergi rounds sharp MW corner

Date: 03/09/2021

The heat pump system at Hedensted District Heating, with its installed heat performance of 8.6 MW, has meant that the client advisor PlanEnergi has now rounded a sharp corner. Namely, 100 MW of heat pump capacity for district heating in Denmark.

Since 2012, PlanEnergi has been a client advisor in connection with the establishment of a total of 23 commissioned heat pump systems with a total installed power of just over 100 MW out of the almost 400 MW heat pumps established in Denmark during the period. This corresponds to 25-30 percent of the established heat pumping systems for district heating, PlanEnergi said in a press release.

Of the 23 heat pump systems on which PlanEnergi has been client advisor, two plants with a total heat performance of 2 MW are based on groundwater, three plants with a total heat output of 4 MW are based on solar heat, four plants with a total heat output of 17 MW are based on excess heat, while 14 plants with a total heat output of 73 MW are based on outdoor air as a heat source.

More on the way
It will not be at the 100 MW heat pumps that PlanEnergi has already helped to establish and commission. The company already has a lot more in the pipeline.
We have a further 13 heat pump systems with a total heat output of 56 MW in the pipeline, says Lars Reinholdt from PlanEnergi. And as in the past, the plants are based on a wide range of heat sources, such as air, seawater, excess heat from data centers, biogas and wastewater treatment plants.