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by Linda Bertelsen
Peter Jorsal, Kingspan-LOGSTOR

The topic that interest me the most is to advice energy companies about the right choice of pipe system (single pipe, TwinPipe, Insulation series) based a Total Cost of Ownership evaluation of all the possible choices of pipe system based on the energy company’s own input of assumptions for the calculations.

When the right choice of the pipe system is made, I then focus on securing the asset that is put into the ground by doing the right design, educating the installers who will handle and install the preinsulated pipe system, supervising the installation, and documenting that installations are done correctly.

  • Educated as an engineer at Aalborg University in 1986
  • Worked for six years as a consulting engineer with energy solutions
  • Started at LOGSTOR in 1992
  • Sales responsibility for different European countries
  • Until 2015, sales responsible for sales and service business in the Nordic countries
  • From 2015 and ahead, Product & Academy Manager with responsibility for the Logstor program for District Heating and District Cooling and the Kingspan Academy, where training of joint fitters, supervisors, and designers is taking place

Publication with DBDH

“The right pre-insulated pipe system for large-scale solar district heating networks”


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