Participation sought for city heat pump awards programme

Date: 13/05/2015

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) has called upon European cities and regions to share their heat pump projects and best practices on renewable heating and cooling solutions as part of the Heat Pump City of the Year award.

The winner will receive the prize during a dinner that will take place on the 27 May in Brussels, the day before the 8th EHPA European Heat Pump Forum.

A water-source heat pump project installed in the Norwegian town of Drammen is one of the projects vying for a prize.

The collaboration between Drammen Fjernvarme and Glasgow-based Star Renewable Energy, a subsidy of Star Refrigeration, and which is 200x larger than usual, sources heat from a fjord and turns it into 90˚C hot water for buildings, offices, schools, business and hospitals of the city of Drammen.

The heat pump installation supplies around 50 GWh annually, more than 75% of the annual heat demand of the city – home to 63,000 people.

Commenting, University of Glasgow Professor Paul Younger, said: ‘This impressive zero carbon district heating system provides an inspirational example which has ignited enthusiasm for the potential of water-source heat pumps worldwide.’

Source: COSPP