Paris geothermal district heating on track to deliver heat by winter 2017

Date: 04/11/2016

Another geothermal district heating project near Paris is on track to deliver heating to households and communal buildings by the winter of 2017

Geothermal heating development continues in and around Paris, the Capital of France.

The Grigny geothermal project, just outside of Paris has reached a drilling depth of 1,200 meters with a target depth of 1,600 meters. The project expects to tap into water with a temperature of around 70 degrees Celsius.

It is expected that the project will start delivering heat to around 10,000 households and communal buildings in the municipalities of Grigny and Viry-Châtillon.

To introduce the project to the community, it is holding site visits and entertainment for the public and children.

Source: Le Parisien /