Opportunity to meet Lockheed Martin in Denmark

Date: 26/04/2017

A large technology promotion is taking place 17-18 May in Herning and Bjerringbro. The arrangement is called B2B17.

Lockheed Martin will bring a team of no less than 34 persons from all four of Lockheed Martin’s business areas to Denmark in order to meet and identify potential partners from the defence and energy industry.

“B2B17 offers a real and meaningful opportunity to share knowledge, inspiration and ideas across the defence, space and energy sectors.  It offers Danish companies the chance to demonstrate where they can offer a leading international competitive edge.  Danish industry participation at this event can help identify new opportunities for partnership and strengthen business collaboration between the U.S. and Denmark.”

This is a unique opportunity to meet Lockheed Martin in Denmark (Herning and Bjerringbro) and draw attention to own competences.

Lockheed Martin is a very large group – please have a look at www.lockheedmartin.com/us.html and, in particular, ”WHAT WE DO”.


Read more about b2b17 via this link: www.b2b17.dk/.