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Online Workshop: Which types of Danish DH solutions to highlight in China?

by Linda Bertelsen

Invitation to discuss and influence Danish-inspired heat plan in the selected Chinese city as well as a publication highlighting essential elements in the green district heating transition  in Denmark

For this online workshop, we invited Danish companies
• with existing business in China,
• curious about new opportunities from the green transition in China, and
• with a general interest in promoting the solutions behind a successful green transition based on district heating
The workshop was organized by a project demonstrating holistic heat planning – based on Danish experiences and adapted to a carefully selected Chinese city. The project aims to support other Chinese cities in their green transition through capacity building and strong networks in China.

This online workshop aimed to collect information from Danish companies about solutions (hardware, IT, heat planning, sector integration, etc.) that can be integrated into DH in China to make it greener and more efficient. In particular, we were looking for input for these tasks in the project, two specific “pilots” in the Chinese heat plan:

The city of Aarhus: CO2-neutral by 2030

1) The aim is to find and describe two cases where Danish-inspired solutions can make a significant difference in the selected Chinese city. We are looking for input to help us find and specify such cases.

2) A publication highlights the many elements behind a successful green transition. The story will be told through the city of Aarhus, providing a story for companies to highlight their place and contributions to “clean heating.” We are looking for input on elements to include and feedback on the value of such a publication in China and other countries. Also, we have ideas on including things not directly related to Aarhus, so don’t hold back ideas on that account.