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Norwegian supermarket with Danfoss CO2 heat recovery solution receives award

by dbdh

The Norwegian REMA 1000 supermarket has been recognized by the Municipality of Trondheim in Norway with an award, Energispareprisen 2014, for its heat recovery system based on CO2. The system is provided by Danfoss Electronic Controllers & Services . The award-winning solution provides 30% energy savings.

Located in Kroppanmarka, Trondheim, Norway, the REMA 1000 supermarket is 100% green, including a green cooling and heating solution created by Danfoss and SINTEF Energy Research. The solution covers cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The store also features green grass on the roof, air curtains at the entrance, four 170 meter-deep energy wells, and special panels mounted instead of windows captures most efficiently natural light within the building. The AK-SM 850 front-end controller by Danfoss secures full energy control of the total store.

At the award ceremony in Trondheim, the jury praised the technical solutions at REMA 1000 Kroppanmarka as an example of how much supermarkets can achieve when systems for heating and cooling are seen in a context instead of as separate facilities.

“The solution for REMA 1000 has the potential to become a role model for supermarkets globally. Creating a CO2 based heat recovery system is hard work and all the hard work is paying off. Winning the award is the icing of the cake, and REMA 1000 is making an excellent example of thinking global while acting local,” Peter Aage Eriksen, Director R&D Electronics, Danfoss Electronic Controllers & Services, comments.

Source: Danfoss