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by Linda Bertelsen
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District Heating in the heart of Denmark

The district heating company NFS Varme A/S is a subsidiary of Nyborg Forsyning & Service A/S, which is a multiple utility company, providing Nyborg Municipality district heating, water supply, recycling, and waste management, besides managing the wastewater treatment plants. District heating is a non-profit business owned by the Municipality of Nyborg. The City Council and three employee representatives represent the board.

Nyborg Forsyning is a well-established company in the local community and has for decades solved environmental tasks whilst delivering utility services, all sustainably in close collaboration with the authorities and the local industry.

Nyborg district heating is more than energy – it´s a synergy between local industries, NFS Varme A/S, and the citizens.

95% of the district heating comes from surplus heat from local industries. The main supplier of surplus heat is a chemical plant disposing of hazardous waste. This is a great example of how it can turn environmentally hazardous waste into green energy.

Another source of surplus heat comes from biogas produced in the digesting tank on the wastewater treatment plant. The last percentage is produced from our own boilers running on bio-oil, making district heating as carbon neutral as possible. Altogether NFS Varme A/S and the local industries are using the resources to the full by producing district heating.

NFS Varme A/S supplies district heating to 8.300 consumers in the cities of Nyborg and Ullerslev. The pipeline system is 272 km long and includes 6 heating buffer centrals with boilers.

Nyborg Forsyning aims to secure the greatest possible reliable and stable supply, easy accessibility, and competitive prices with the slogan: “We are a part of your every day.”


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Nyborg Forsyning & Service A/S
Gasværksvej 2, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark Telephone: +45 6331 5000 nfs@nfs.as
Jimmy Jørgensen
Heat Manager
jjo@nfs.as Tel: +45 6331 5070 Mobile: +45 2145 2079