Hoje Taastrup enters into another agreement on surplus heat.

By 2023, Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme will have even more surplus heat for its customers. An agreement has been entered between the data center GlobalConnect and their center at Hørskætten 12. […]

The future hydrogen hub of Europe. Why Denmark is actively investing in Ukraine

The Danish government has recently decided that Ukraine will be a key recipient of Danish technical assistance under the European Neighborhood Program (DANEP). In total, the country may receive 4,6 […]

Stable heating price with district heating as electricity and gas prices rally

The last few months have seen sharply rising energy prices in Denmark and the rest of Europe, especially for electricity and gas, and some consumers are facing a significant extra […]

Isoplus has new owners.

The pipe manufacturer Isoplus in Middelfart has passed into new ownership 48 years after its founding. So far, the Henss family has owned the company. Now another family-run business has […]

A Danish electricity company proposes banning heat pumps for specific areas

Energy company Ewii proposes that climate-friendly and power-consuming heat pumps be banned in areas where district heating is an option. The proposal is based on the fact that the Danish […]