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New white paper from State of Green: Financing the Green Transition

by dbdh

Innovative Danish investment solutions pave the way for global green growth

The aim of this white paper is to share some of Denmark’s – and Danish financial institutions’ – examples on how to finance smaller or larger projects within climate adaption, energy, energy efficiency, environment and water.

Financing the green transition will be one of the big global challenges in the coming decades and we hope that this white paper will be an inspiration to help new projects to get underway.

To address this challenge, we have gathered a selection of examples from a number of projects from all around the world where Danish investors and financial institutions have been instrumental in securing projects being realised.

“Some investment may derive from public funds, but large-scale private sector involvement is key to creating new growth and jobs based on green technologies and infrastructure. This is indeed a challenge in all countries. (…) This white paper describes how Danish pension funds and Danish government institutions have introduced new and innovative solutions to secure the financing required for a green transition. I hope that the examples presented in this report will serve as an inspiration to you,” says Danish Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen in the foreword of the white paper.

White paper content

  • Blended finance can make risky investments bankable: Renewable energy is possible through public-private financial models
  • Lake Turkana – Africa’s largest wind farm: Nordic financing has paved the way for ambitious energy project
  • Offshore wind farms as attraction for investors: Danish pension funds have seen the financial potential in wind
  • Securing energy after disaster in Fukushima: Solar as an alternative to nuclear power across Japan
  • Farmers supplying 70,000 English households with energy: Joint venture behind turnkey solution for biomass plant
  • Salmon farming in the Alps with Danish technology and financing: Danish export credit financing for Swiss buyer of aquaculture system
  • A milestone for sustainable buildings: New sustainability standards secure long term returns of investment
  • Solar rooftops to power sustainable water productions: Desalination plant in Maldives replaces diesel
  • Energy savings insurance to mobilise private investment: A new risk management package is being tested in the Mexican food sector

Contributors to the white paper:

  • EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency
  • The Danish Climate Investment Fund and The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries
  • The Danish Energy Agency
  • PensionDanmark
  • PKA
  • Industriens Pension
  • Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Download the paper here