New strategy from the EU Commission to promote Danish district heating export

Date: 10/02/2016

During next week, the EU commission will come with a new strategy that focuses on heating pumps and district heating. That might mean more export opportunities for Danish companies.

According to Danish national newspaper Børsen, it is great news for a number of companies, such as for example Hofor, Bosch and Danfoss that a strategy will be put forward for the district heating and cooling sector. The strategy is expected to be an important starting point for the review of a number of EU directives, which can mean increased opportunities for Danish exports within the Danish strongholds such as heat pumps, district cooling and district heating.

Henrik Lorentsen Bøgeskov, director at Hofor’s district cooling section is pleased: “We see this as a huge business area. From a European perspective, Copenhagen is not very large, but there are many big cities in Europe similar to Copenhagen, which can undoubtedly create a demand for our solutions”.

The EU strategy will be released Tuesday, February 16, but it is so far known from a leaked draft.