New report on energy efficiency of heat and power technologies

Date: 08/04/2013

The study for DG ENER by the Joint Research Centre in Petten, which helped to form many of the changes in European District Heating Policy, is now available online.
” Background Report on EU-27 District Heating and Cooling Potentials, Barriers, Best Practice and Measures of Promotion”

The purpose of the report is to provide background information on potentials, barriers, best practices, state-of-the art and measures of promotion of district heating and cooling to aid policy making.

In the report it is estimated that a capital spend of EUR 319 billion on CHP-DH infrastructure will reduce heating costs by approx. Eur 51,4 billion per year and save 5,320 EJ of primary energy. This is almost half the EU27 primary energy demand for building heating. This would be greater if the waste heat from existing nuclear stations were considered as this option is feasible also.

Space and domestic water heating for buildings is about about 43% of the total EU final energy consumption (excl. transport). The cost of total energy imports into the EU in 2011 was €400 billion.

The report addresses the practical way in which this unusable low grade heat can be upgraded to a temperature suitable to both heat and cool cities with the technique of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and District Heating (DH) and District Cooling (DC) collectively termed CHP-DH.

The report can be downloaded here:

Source: Ramboll