New product improves foam quality

Date: 22/06/2017

Quality of the foam is of tremendous importance for the pipe system’s service life. isoplus developed a new and improved venting plug that will improve venting and foam quality.
When foaming joints, there is typically a risk for the joint to be filled unevenly. Air pockets can emerge at the top of the joint which results in poorer isolation in the long run.
With venting area of 40 mm2, the new plug provides optimal venting and better foam density in the joint. Compared to a former plug model, the new plug’s venting area is 8 times larger. This contributes to better foam quality, lower heat loss and eventually longer service life of the pipe system.

New venting plug

The plug’s yellow colour makes it easier to tell venting plug from welding plug. That way you can always be sure to install the right plug. The plug is designed for drill size ø24.5 mm.

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