New member of DBDH

Date: 11/07/2013

DBDH welcomes new member PlanEnergi

PlanEnergi was established in 1983 and operates as an independent advisory firm. PlanEnergi’s mission is to promote the use of resource saving and environmental conservation systems. The firm’s objectives are continually promoted through its professional activities.

At its core, PlanEnergi specializes in the development and creation of environmental solutions for renewable energy, effective energy use and energy planning, as well as information-based services. The firm works with the private and public sector, and interacts continuously with the general public.

Through on-going expansion and growth, PlanEnergi now consists of a multi-skilled set of staff with in-depth expertise and hands-on experience of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Due to its impressive profile, PlanEnergi is among the leading firms that offer comprehensive advice in energy supply and energy planning.

PlanEnergi covers the following 5 key areas of advice: Energy planning – including heat and wind energy; District heating with renewable energy; Biogas energy – including planning, design and engineering processes, and consultancy; Solar energy – including collective installations, seasonal storage and certification; Wind energy, from planning to mapping to visualization, and ultimately, to the precise layout of newly installed wind turbines.

For anyone in the private or public sector wishing to establish a sustainable energy supply in Denmark or elsewhere, PlanEnergi is the obvious partner.

Solar thermal, District heating, Wind energy planning, Energy planning, Biogas, Seasonal thermal energy storage