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New member of DBDH: AAEN Consulting Engineers

by dbdh

AAEN Consulting Engineers A/S provides technical consultancy for the planning, design and establishment of energy- and climate projects. Our main area of expertise is the production and distribution District Heating, where we specialize in the utilization of Renewable Energy, Process Optimization and Energy Savings. In Denmark, we cater almost exclusively to the District Heating sector working for a host of District Heating Companies. Our activities does however, also include the international scene where we work on a large variety of environmental projects and energy project. Here we a able to use the extensive experience of the Danish District Heating sector insuring a very high quality on the solutions we provide. Common to all of our activities are their relation to our vision:

“Building the green energy systems of our future”

In addition to our widely founded knowledge of the utilization of thermal energy, we have a range of technologies that we focus on.

Biomass Heat- and Combined Heat and Power production. Biomass have become the cornerstone of Renewable Energy production in Denmark utilizing a variety of biomass sources. AAEN have assisted with the planning, design and establishment of several high efficiency Biomass Boiler Plants and a Biomass Gasification Plant utilizing Syngas Engines for CHP production.

Solar Thermal Plant. Solar thermal heating has been a growth industry in Denmark over the last decade and is set to expand even more extensively in the near future. Therefor we now possess a very deep knowledge on the long-term operation and optimization of Solar Thermal Plant.

District Heating Networks and Transmission. The design and establishment of District Heating Networks are a key part of our activities. In addition to this follows the optimization of the heat distribution process and minimization of transmission losses. Extensive research and testing is being conduction in this area at research institutes with whom we cooperate.

Energy Savings. In addition to working on optimization the heating network, we also work on the generation and registration of Energy Saving of both for the District Heating sector and for the Production Industry in general. There is no question that our futures lay in a greening our energy production and an optimization of our energy utilization.