New member of DBDH

Date: 15/05/2013

DBDH welcomes new member Saseco
Saseco is a software development company specialising in solutions for personal energy management and Home Control. Saseco has developed a user friendly online application designed to combine the advantages of automated meter reading with wireless home automation.



Key values
Saseco is dedicated to advancing the synergy between the new technologies in wireless automation and intelligent energy meters, aiming to create –
» savings in energy consumption, both by automating energy consuming devices and through behavioural changes caused by a greater insight into your consumption patterns.
» increased security by monitoring the home for fire, burglary, excessive consumption, pipe leaks etc.
» greater comfort by automating lights, heating, cooling, ventilation etc.

eButler is an online software-as-a-service application for visualisation of energy consumption and controlling wireless home automation devices like switches, dimmers, smoke/movement sensors, thermostats etc. The consumption of water, electricity, gas and heating is registered hourly by so-called ‘intelligent’ meters, giving the user a unique insight into his/hers consumption patterns. eButler is continuously developed, adding new functions as well as new media like mobile phones and digital-TV.

Targeted at the private consumer
Most energy management systems are developed for professional users, and as such require a high level of prior knowledge. Versions for private consumers are often just reduced versions of the same, complicated programs. These systems rarely generate the desired results, as they are not developed with the right users’ requirements in mind.

Saseco´s products are developed specifically for the private consumer. This means feature accessibility over feature profusion, and boiling down complicated calculations to simple charts and sophisticated analysis to plain results.

John Haar, CEO
Mobile: +45 6070 3114