Pernexus Systems is a soft­ware solu­tion com­pany with almost 20 years of expe­ri­ence work­ing with util­i­ties. Pernexus Systems know a lot about the processes and chal­lenges fac­ing cons­truc­tion projects involv­ing cables or pipes in the ground or indeed any type of infra­struc­ture development.

Cur­rently, there are 10 employ­ees that con­tin­u­ously work on improv­ing the main prod­uct — The Works Por­tal. The Works Por­tal is a Soft­ware as a ser­vice (SaaS) plat­form, where many of the dif­fer­ent par­ties that make up a con­struc­tion project come together and work through the same shared pro­ce­dures and data.


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