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New large utility

by dbdh

On January 7 Denmark´s largest utility became a reality. Eight water companies in the metropolitan area have joined forces in a combined company.

The municipally owned water companies in Albertslund, Brondby, Dragor, Herlev, Hvidovre, Dragor, Vallensbæk and Copenhagen are now called HOFOR and is the largest utility in the core areas of water, waste water, district heating, town gas and cooling.

“Copenhagen is facing major changes and challenges. Climate change and growing urban areas create environmental problems and the citizens expect that their utility will find new durable solutions. With the merger, we are better equipped to face the future. And we have moved a step closer HOFOR´s long-term goal of creating sustainable cities”, says Lars Therkildsen, CEO of HOFOR.

Sustainable cities
The reason for the merger of the utilities are, in addition to economic and structural benefits, a common desire to help create sustainable cities for the benefit of customers. This means e.g. to be a city where groundwater is protected and preserved; where there is a coordinated climate change adaptation; and where the energy supply gradually becomes CO2 neutral.

CO2 neutral energy supply
HOFOR´s strategy to protect groundwater against pollution and overuse is partly to combat the use of pesticides near groundwater wells and to focus on water savings.

HOFOR´s goal is also to offer a 100 percent CO2-neutral energy supply in the metropolitan area in 2025 both in terms of district heating, town gas and cooling. In order to achieve this goal HOFOR plans a new wood chip-fired power plant, a geothermal plant, puts up solar panels and builds wind turbines. The first 11 wind turbines are already on the way.

HOFOR in figures
• 1,000,000 water customers
• 700,000 water customers
• 500,000 heat customers
• 300,000 city gas customers
• 30 district cooling customers, 30 MW cooling
• 800 employees
• 4 billion in turnover
• Over a billion DKK in annual investments in pipes, cables and wind turbines