New joint publication about district heating in Denmark and China

Date: 25/06/2013

Yesterday on the 24th of June Minister of Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard opened the Sino-Danish district heating seminar with the participation of decision-makers, technology providers and government officials.

At the same time DBDH and the Danish Energy Agency published a new joint publication about district heating in Denmark and China. The publication was presented at the Minister´s official opening of the seminar.

The aim of the publication is to tell the story of Danish and Chinese district heating and to contribute with concrete proposals on how Denmark and China can jointly develop the district heating area.

In Denmark, the role of district heating in the Danish energy infrastructure is especially interesting as is the importance of central regulation and the cooperation with the private sector. In particular is highlighted the unique collaboration with the private sector in district heating as it has stimulated the development of new technologies in order to support the politically agreed targets for the development of district heating to the present day. It is these technologies that today make Denmark one of the leading countries in district heating.

The publication also describes the district heating expansion in China and especially the rapid development in the area. From 1990 to 2004, the most densely populated areas with a population of between 250 and 300 million were connected to district heating. On this basis describes the policy objectives and the policy and institutional challenges for district heating expansion in China in the coming years are described in the publication. According to Lars Hummelmose, Managing Director of DBDH it is expected that exports to China will increase by 4.5 billion DKK towards 2020, and the country thus becomes the largest export market for Danish district heating technology.

Finally, the publication gives an idea of ​​how Denmark and China can together address any challenges in district heating, and continue building on the already close and successful cooperation that exists between the two countries.

District_heating_- Danish and Chinese_experience (English version) 
District heating – Danish and Chinese experience (Chinese version)