New IoT man on Frese’s district heating team

Date: 22/10/2021

Christian Skallerup-BørgesenChristian Skallerup-Børgesen, 46, will in the future be at the forefront of developing and selling Frese's IoT products to the district heating sector. Thus, he joins a team that aims to cover district heating - all the way from energy center to consumer.

In recent years, Frese has expanded the product portfolio to the sector with new valve types and intelligent, digital solutions. These digital solutions can give district heating companies real insight into what is going on in their pipe network and help them optimize operations.

Interpreter between technician and customer

Christian Skallerup-Børgesen comes with extensive experience in industrial automation and sales, making him a strong sparring partner for both Frese colleagues and the company's customers.

"My primary role is to be a kind of interpreter. I have some incredibly skilled technical colleagues who can talk bits and bytes or complicated valve technology until one becomes completely pale. And I will try to translate that into what it can. What it is, the customer concretely gets out of it. And the same the other way. When a customer says he wants to know something about a certain thing, then I must be able to translate to colleagues what the customer is asking for", he says.

Data to the customer

What customers are asking for is data. Christian Skallerup-Børgesen sees it as one of his essential tasks to deliver the information where the customer gets the most out of them in the companies' SRO systems.

"We offer API that makes it possible because it must be straightforward, so the district heating companies are confident in the solution and can get the most value out of the data that our IoT products give them", he explains.

Christian Skallerup-Børgesen lives in Vejle, and it is convenient because it is right in the middle of it all, as he says:

"My workplace is the country road. I need to be out with the customers. That's where the job is".

You can meet Christian Skallerup-Børgesen at Frese's stand at Dansk Fjernvarme's national meeting in Aalborg on 28 to 29 October.