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New district heating network for French city

by dbdh

A new district heating network is expected to reduce a French city’s carbon emissions by 17,000 tonnes per year.

The Nord Chézine heat network is being developed in the city of Nantes and will complement two existing district heating systems.

Installed by Danfoss Heating, the project is planned for completion in 2021 and will be built in several stages. It will serve schools, administrative buildings, a nursery and 7400 residential apartments, according to Danfoss.

“The connection to 98 heavy stations for the apartments, nursery and schools will allow the Nord Chézine district heating network to be supplied more than 80 per cent by renewable energies and heat recovery,” said Frédéric Cherel, head of large accounts at Danfoss Heating France.

“In addition to the 98 heavy stations, the collective energy supply will also supply 81 light stations (Akva Lux II VX) for single-family dwellings as well as a decoupling exchanger for the auxiliary gas boiler.”

Source: Decentralised Energy