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New coal-fired cogen for Germany

by dbdh

With a gross power output of 911 MW, a new coal-fired cogeneration plant has been commissioned and delivered to its owners in Mannheim, Germany.

The newly constructed Block 9 of the Grosskraftwerk Mannheim installation operates at ultra-supercritical steam conditions and has a basic efficiency of over 46% and a maximum fuel utilisation of 70% in cogeneration mode.

Commissioning Block 9 has allowed two older units at the plant (Blocks 3 and 4) to be taken offline.

Alstom was in charge of design, supply, installation and commissioning of the steam generator and the steam turbine and generator.

‘As a company that has guaranteed the reliable provision of electricity and district heating for Mannheim and the surrounding region for over 90 years, we are very focused on regional value creation during the realisation of our projects,’ said Dr. Karl-Heinz Czychon, Technical Director of Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG.

Source: COSPP