New biomass research centre opens in Liverpool

Date: 28/01/2016

A new biomass research centre has been opened in Liverpool, England by German firm ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG.

Entrade, as owner of the 3,600 square metres facility, will use the site to develop new types of biomass fuel.
It has partnered with waste recycling company Tidy Planet for food waste from airports which will be used to create fuel to power its combined heat and power plants.

Peter Eaton, ENTRADE’s UK Operations Manager said: “With more presence and support provided in the United Kingdom we can ensure that we can make it affordable and easy to sign up for renewable heat and power in Britain.”

Last year, Entrade revealed its micro-scale biomass combined heat and power system, which it claims can produce around-the-clock baseload power from a plant the size of a standard shipping container. The E3 technology can produce 22kW of electrical energy and 55kW of thermal energy, using half a tonne of biomass pellets every day, according to Business Green website.

Source: COSPP