New biomass guide will show the way to greener energy

Date: 21/03/2016

​Biomass plays an increasingly larger role in the world’s energy production because it can reduce CO₂ emissions. But how to do you actually convert biomass to energy? New guide will give the answer.

​The World Bank has awarded a contract to COWI to develop a guideline for projects involving biomass to energy “Converting Biomass to Energy – A guide to Developers and Investors”.

The assignment was won in stiff competition against a number of the world’s largest and leading consulting companies and is a testament to COWI’s position as one of the world’s leading consultants in biomass to energy.

The guide will primarily provide project developers and investors with a quick insight into sourcing of fuel, choice of technology depending on fuel type and plant size, project profitability and funding opportunities as well as environmental and social impacts.

The guide addresses the use of biomass residues from industry (e.g. fruit and fruit peel, bagasse from production of sugar, liquor, etc.) and biomass residues from crop cultivation, such as grain, cotton, rice, grape, etc. Various information material will supplement the guide.

It is expected, that the guide will be ready on the World Bank website in the summer of 2016.

Source: COWI