New biofuel plant ready for next season

Date: 02/05/2014

The new biofuel plant can burn a wide spectrum of biofuels from wood chips to yard waste, with low emissions of NOx and ash into the atmosphere.

The oven will help Sønderborg District Heating Company’s 8,800 m2 large solar plant meet the heating requirements of 1100 to 1200 households in three Danish cities close to Sønderborg. Sønderborg District Heating will initially fire with wood chips and garden and park waste, but will later experiment with cheaper fuels.

New technology to ensure the heat
The planned installation is based on a new concept developed by Dall Energy, and will be the second of its kind in Denmark. Dall Energy has gained both national and international awards in the field, as the plant distinguishes itself by being able to fire with a wide range of biomass, including garden and park waste, partly because emissions from the plant are significantly lower than on conventional biomass plant fueled with wood chips.

Source: Project