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New analysis: More speed is needed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

by Linda Bertelsen
Incineration plant ARC, Amager ressource Center in Copenhagen, Denmark

Press release – 12 January 2023 | Technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, so-called “negative emissions,” will play a significant and vital role in climate efforts if the world is to succeed in complying with the Paris Agreement.


Dansk Fjernvarme supports CONCITO’s announcement on waste energy and recommends that politicians leave the idea of reducing waste incineration capacity, which creates uncertainty about the security of supply. Waste incineration is a fine heat source as long as the CO2 emissions are dealt with.

If Denmark is to achieve the government’s goal of negative CO2 emissions in 2050, the initiatives that remove CO2 from the atmosphere must be scaled up. Therefore, Dansk Fjernvarme works concretely to ensure better opportunities for CO2 capture, as well as to ensure critical sectoral linkages between the district heating industry and other industries.

In a new analysis and recommendations from CONCITO, the think tank estimates a potential for CO2 capture of 2 million tons of CO2 from waste incineration in 2030, of which approx. 1.5 million tons of CO2 is biogeneric. CONCITO calls for the cancellation of the target to reduce waste incineration capacity because it will hamper the plants’ willingness to invest. It is a problem that Dansk Fjernvarme concretely supports.

– We have been calling for a long time that it is not sustainable for waste-to-energy plants to be reduced by 30 percent. It is not good for the environment and climate. It is inappropriate for maintaining our security of supply. And now we see that it also inhibits our potential to reduce CO2 and thus meet our climate goals, says Rune Moesgaard, political head of Danish District Heating. And he continues:

– A lot has happened since the agreement was made in 2020. That is why we support CONCITO’s recommendation to cancel the target and instead create the framework for increased opportunities for CO2 capture at the facilities, says Rune Moesgaard.

Read CONCITO’s report here: https://concito.dk/nyheder/ny-analyse-skal-mere-fart-paa-fjerne-co2-fra-atmosfaeren

Translated from the Danish District Heating Association