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Morten Helveg to utilize the energy union’s potential

by dbdh

A new initiative from the Danish MEP Morten Helveg will seek the advice of European companies, and long-term energy bills shall be developed across party lines in a new network.

new network for energy companies and European politicians took its first steps in Brussels. The network was founded by Morten Helveg Petersen and four other MEPs from both the left and right side of the European Parliament  and a number of Europe’s leading energy companies. The aim is to exploit the potential in the energy union by focusing on a wide legislation that sees energy as a consistent size and not so divided.

“I hope that this initiative can help do away with the mindset that has been prevailing in Parliament, where only single parts are being discussed. Instead, we will in the network think interdisciplinary and holistic, and will involve companies, in order to make sure that the legislation we are working on actually has the desired effect in practice”, says Morten Helveg Petersen.

A broad group of companies participate in the network from the start, e.g. Siemens, Grundfos, Dong, Eon, Vestas, GE and Microsoft. According to the Danish MEP, the companies are very enthusiastic about the initiative, which they hope can create better conditions for investment, growth and jobs.

Source: EnergyWatch