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MOE has changed its name to Artelia.

by Linda Bertelsen
MOE changes name to Artelia

In 2019, MOE took the first big step toward the international engineering scene when MOE became part of the Artelia Group, which is among the largest engineering consultants in Europe. MOE is now ready to take the next step by changing its name to Artelia. From 15 March, customers and business partners will have to get used to the new name Artelia.

MOE has gone from being primarily a Danish engineering company to, together with Artelia Group, becoming an international player on the global market. This has brought several exciting international projects with it and allowed the company to bid on very large projects in Denmark.

The Artelia Group is among the largest engineering consultants in Europe, and the Artelia name is a well-known and recognized brand in many countries. The name change from MOE to Artelia thus helps to strengthen the current market profile.

“With the common name, we signal cohesion with the rest of the Artelia Group, which is important to us. This change boosts our international profiling and simplifies the process of offering tasks across national borders. But apart from the name change, we remain the same. We are still the same multidisciplinary engineering company and consultancy with more than 1,100 employees, with a focus on the industry’s sustainable development.”
Christian Listov-Saabye

When MOE became part of Artelia Group in 2019, it was with a desire to become part of an international consultancy group, where it would be easier to export the company’s core services and offer more services. It received future-proofed MOE, so the company is now even more robust concerning attracting employees and customers and in relation to competitors. In the choice of Artelia, it was also crucial for MOE to become part of a group owned by the senior employees and a group with a high degree of autonomy for the individual units.

We chose not to change our name when we became part of the Artelia Group in 2019 but to let the collaboration develop, and the affiliation with Artelia become more apparent over time. We have achieved that now, and therefore we have assessed that the time has come to take the next step by changing the name to Artelia, says CEO Christian Listov-Saabye.

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