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by Linda Bertelsen
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Model-based design and new energy technologies ensure robust CO2-neutral heat
and power generation and maximum investment value for our customers.

For more than ten years, we have added value to our customers in the energy sector by optimizing their investments in new plants or by optimizing the daily energy generation in existing plants.

We advise Danish and international power utilities on which new green energy plants to invest in – and when. Focusing on robust and CO2-neutral heat and power production, our complex sustainable energy solutions using the latest technologies are noticed internationally. And by using our in-house developed software models, we simulate future operation scenarios technically and financially. This way, unforeseen challenges are avoided even before commissioning.

Model-based design with significant benefits

Model-based design and dynamic simulation allow us to simulate various operating situations and identify any flaws before commissioning. Not only does dynamic simulation save time and money because it ensures an efficient and smooth commissioning, but this process also delivers quality assurance of the subsequent daily plant operation. Our simulation-based design relies on languages or programs such as GAMS, Thermoflex, and Modelica. The latter is particularly suitable for modeling large, complex dynamic systems.

“Model-based” means that mathematical calculation models are used to predict or simulate how a physical system behaves, and “dynamic” refers to a particular type of equations describing how the physical system changes over time. This could be how a warm system gradually loses heat to its surroundings, for instance.

In a project for DIN Forsyning in Esbjerg, we applied model-based design in connection with the project Green District Heating. The purpose of this comprehensive and complex project is to replace Esbjergværket’s coal-based CHP production with a sustainable energy source.

Together with DIN Forsyning, we identified a solution comprising two seawater-based heat pumps, a woodchip boiler, and an electric boiler. And by means of Modelica, we simulated how heat from these plants was to be transferred to the district heating network. A complex and thorough design which facilitates a smooth commissioning.

New technologies adapted to the local energy set-up “The present need for innovative and zero-carbon energy production pushes forward the usage of new energy technologies. Besides simulation scenarios, our robust energy solutions include a flexible mix of technologies and CO2-neutral fuels. And of course, any new energy set-up must be integrated with the existing power grid and use local surplus heating to ensure a future-proof and sustainable heat and power production”, says Mogens Laursen, partner in Added Values.

As consulting engineers, Added Values uses complex calculations and new technologies when advising our customers. We develop optimization models to calculate which technologies should be deployed and the optimal size of the various new
production capacities.

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the energy sector and energy technologies, our customers are given a strategic and quantitative road map covering up to 20 years of plant operation, securing both their investments and their future energy production.

For further information please contact: Anna Weis, awm@addedvalues.eu


As specialized energy consultants, we offer investment optimization of new plants and operation optimization of existing plants through our extensive experience within:

  • Operational flexibilit
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Plant and process efficiency
  • Intelligent lifetime management
  • Economic control room of production portfolio
  • Market opportunities and regulations
  • Dynamic simulation and model-based design
  • New energy technologies
“Model-based design and new technologies to ensure CO2-neutral heat and power generation” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 7/2022
Member Company profile ADDED VALUES
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