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Minister: Climate agreement can generate DKK 50 billion in Danish exports

by Steffen

Denmark exports DKK 75 billion in energy technology, and a UN climate agreement can double this amount, according to the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). The potential of an ambitious climate agreement is tremendous for Danish businesses according to DI, which has made calculations showing extra DKK 50 billion of annual export earnings in 10 years and a two-fold increase five years later.

That was the main message when the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Lilleholt Christian, opened the Danish stand, State of Green, at COP21 in Paris last Monday: “Denmark is strong in energy technology. This stand shows it. Therefore, the Danish government has only one ambition: that we land an ambitious climate agreement during the coming week. It will be the best stimulant for the Danish business community. “

“An agreement is important for Denmark, because we want to help to reduce CO2 emissions, and it is also important for Denmark, because there is a huge export potential in green transition,” says Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Calculations from DI are based on the condition that the EU countries, the USA, Mexico and China carry out the initiatives that they have communicated to the UN Climate Change Secretariat. The Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate calls it “important that we now get some dividends of the investment that has been made”.

Denmark exported energy technology equal to DKK 75 billion in 2014. This represents about 12 percent of total Danish exports. DI believes that the amount can be doubled in 2030.

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