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Milan district heating plant gets soundproofed

by dbdh

Italian noise control specialist CTM Ambiente has designed and built a soundproofing system for a cogeneration-based district heating plant in Milan.

The 2 MW natural gas-fired cogeneration plant passed an acoustic test in all operating modes, CTM Ambiente reported. The test was conducted for the area close to the plant and the houses that face it.

The scope of work consisted of design, construction and installation of resonance silencers with low-pressure drop for boiler exhaust gas, acoustic doors, silencers for the natural ventilation system in the boiler room and silencers and fans for ventilation in the cogeneration room, CTM Ambiente said.

According to the company, noise is often a problem when planning the installation of cogeneration-based district heating plants because they are generally relatively close to the houses served by the heat network.

Milan’s district heating network provides around 5 per cent of the city’s heat demand.

Source: Decentralised Energy