WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG A/S is one of Denmark´s leading engineering and construction contractors. We employ approx. 1,100 employees with offices across the country.

As a pioneer in the field of construction, fabrication and installation area, WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG is always firstmover on digital development within our disciplines. We use the latest knowledge and technology in all technical and vocational skills and are able to bid on any large complex technical contracts in modern construction and building installations.

As a nationwide engineering and construction contractors, the two companies behind WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG , has through the years solved a variety of complex and academically demanding tasks around Denmark as well as in abroad.
Previous contracts has been solved together by the two companies in joint venture partnerships, but after  the merge of Wicotec A / S and Kirkebjerg A / S in autumn 2012, all activities are now gathered in WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG  A/S.

Customers include state and municipal enterprises, hospitals, power / heating plants, utilities, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, breweries and housing etc.




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Wicotec Kirkebjerg
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