TVIS - Trekantområdets Varmetransmissionsselskab I/S - Triangle Area Heat Transmission Company, is an independent general partnership company established in 1983 and owned by 4 municipalities.

The utility is situated in the centre of Denmark and supplies 80.000 family homes and 180.000 citizens in 4 major cities with excess heat and heat from CHP via a regional heat transmission network.

TVIS purchases and distributes excess heat from local industries, which is used as a resource to the benefit of household economies and the environment. Our customers are distribution companies, who supplies to the heat consumers.

As we direct our focus to future green conversion milestones – particularly in 2030 and 2050 - we are converting our energy systems from biomass to sustainable energy sources and increased use of excess heat.

TVIS is obliged to purchase and deliver sufficient heat to cover the heat demand of the region (TVIS’ owner municipalities) up to a maximum of 6.080 TJ annually. We purchase heat and coordinate heating supply including local peak and reserve heat production in the most appropriate economic way to benefit consumers. Our objectives are to ensure a high degree of security of supply both in the short and in the long term in the most economical appropriate way for the benefit of the company. We establish, own, operate and maintain the transmission network and the associated installations.

Areas of expertise

District heating
Heat Transmission
Power to X


Tonne Kjærs Vej 11
7000 Fredericia
Tel: +45 7594 0711

Contact person

Jørgen Nielsen
Managing Director