TVIS purchases and distributes surplus heat from local industries, which is used as a resource to the benefit of household economies and the environment. Four municipalities in the middle of Denmark and their combined efforts provides 55,000 households or approx. 183,000 citizens with affordable, stable, and eco-considerate heating.

TVIS´ heat capacity is approx. 6,000 TJ per year distributed through the 83 km pipeline that TVIS maintains and oversees from our 24 hours staffed control room. The main suppliers of surplus heat are the SHELL-Refinery in Fredericia and Energnist in Kolding – a waste-to-energy plant treating waste from the cities in the area. DONG Energy’s natural gas fired CHP-plant, Skærbækværket, in Fredericia, is the largest contributor of surplus heat.

By 2018 district heating in the area will be close to carbon neutral as we reduce dependency on fossil fuels significantly. Our strategic investment will reduce carbon emissions by 95 % and ensure lower consumer costs when a new biomass plant will be in operation.


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District heating

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7000 Fredericia
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Jørgen Nielsen
Managing Director