STAC Technology makes cold air using hot water.
STAC Technology has developed an economical and decentralized cooling solution for the District Heating industry utilizing hot DH water to make cool air on the location where the need is.
A customer case could look like this:
The DH end-user has identified a need for cooling and contact the DH power provider that are cooperating with STAC Technology or their local partner.
The need for cooling is quantified and the solution is verified by the STAC technician on the location where cooling is needed.
The STAC technician gets into his service van and picks out the STAC cooling unit/s with the appropriate cooling capacity and through the plug and play the unit is connected to the DH outlet.
A small quantity of DH hot water is tapped from the outlet and fed into the STAC turbines and steam is developed and sufficient amounts of the cool air is provided directly or through vents to the satisfaction of the end-user.
STAC Technology is a startup company from September 2016 building its technology on a discovery made in the early 1990′ where a Danish engineer discovered that water could be used as a refrigerant in cooling applications.
We welcome inquiries from international District Heating power providers that see value in our technology and we will be happy to start discussions on how STAC Technology’s IP and products can be used outside Denmark.
Thank you for your interest.
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STAC Technology

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