Solid Energy is part of the Solid Group that delivers engineered solutions for the industrial and renewable market.  Solid Energy designs and installs innovative large scale Heat Pumps solutions for distributed heat networks, commercial and industrial applications with medium and high demands for heat.  Our standard Heat Pumps solutions are air sourced, but can be applied to any heat source, ground water, waste heat etc.

The heat pump system can, depending on clients’ situation, be powered by CHP running on natural gas or electricity from grid or local CHP/generator.

Proprietary design features ensures that our heating solutions are the most efficient in the market. With installations in Denmark completed and underway in the U.K., we now assist our customer in reducing their fossil fuel consumption by over 50%.

With a strong commitment and reinvestment into ongoing product development, Solid Energy will continuously offer our customers the most efficient and advanced heating solutions.


Carsten Lauridsen, managing director
Solid Energy
Stålvej 8
DK-6900 Skjern

Phone: +45 8832 0029



Line of business:

District heating


Heat pumps


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United Kingdom