AURORA Solar System

Based on many years of development and innovation within renewable energy solutions – ScandiMir’s engineering group has during the last five years developed a new high effective solarsystem – AURORA – to produce hot water and cooling, while reduction of CO2 is significant and nature is preserved by using less of our land.

The parabola design and control system ensures a very high degree of efficiency as the sun is followed throughout the day and all year round via a double axis sun-tracker and thus optimizes the utilization of the solar radiation.

AURORA has delivered groundbreaking results in terms of effectiveness and application:

  1. High-effective – AURORA produces approx. 25 MWh/year per unit using considerable reduced ground area which makes AURORA one of the most effective solutions on the market per m2
  2. Using less land – AURORA occupies approx. 2/3 of the base area compared to alternative plan solar systems
  3. Constant high temperature – AURORA can deliver a constant temperature depending on demand, such as 95 °C to buffer tank or 60-70 °C directly to the net without lowering the efficiency of the system. Temperatures above 100 °C is possible as the system is pressurized
  4. No “too low outlet temperature” – all production can be used
  5. Out-of-sun function – AURORA is protected from overheating via an out-of-sun alarm that turns the parabola away from direct sunlight to horizontal position if the operating system detects too high temperatures – or one wants to stop the production
  6. Out-of-wind function – AURORA is protected against extreme wind and weather, as the parabola can withstand up to 70 m/sec and will respond in advance via an out-of-wind alarm, which positions the parabola horizontally
  7. Installation in hilly terrain – AURORA can be installed on uneven and hilly terrain
  8. Minimal construction costs – Installation of AURORA doesn’t require maintenance of the underlying terrain’s flora due to the distance from the mirrors to the ground level (approx. 0,5 m)
  9. Boosting along the line – AURORA can be placed along the line to the consumers from the power station – to boost the temperature and thus minimize losses over longer distances
  10. Reduces CO2 significantly
  11. Buffer Tank – AURORA requires a smaller buffer tank due to higher outlet temperature


ScandiMirs Climate Park – AURORA Learning Universe

The Climate Park – AURORA Learning Universe – unites newest Danish design and technology of CO2-reducing, sustainable and high-effective energy production (AURORA) – with an innovative, engaging and interactive learning universe. The AURORA Learning Universe is focused on how green technology and the disciplines behind the development of the solar system AURORA (mathematics, physics, astro-physics etc.) can pave the way for sustainability in the climate, environment and nature.

The AURORA Learning Universe provides visitors with an interactive learning experience in nature where learning portals will challenge, motivate and enlight visitors with content developed by the ScandiMir Engineering Group, acknowledged learning experts and the Danish climate expert Jesper Theilgård. The content will be targeted to the visitors individual needs and apply to both students from primary schools and universities, scientific research groups and business or governmental delegations from all over the world. The experimental and engaging learning methods will ensure a unique experience and an optimal learning effect.

In the AURORA Climate Learning Universe AURORA is integrated as an aesthetic element in nature – the nature and environment that AURORA aims to protect.

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