We face the challenges of the world
We believe that we all play an important role in reducing relative energy consumption, and in developing an energy society that counterfights CO2 emission and has no negative impact on our environment.

Affordable, stable and sustainable energy will fuel a world of growth and at LOGSTOR, we take responsibility for a cleaner world…. !

In every society, pipe networks are vital parts of the infrastructure. Literally speaking, the pipe systems connect energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption - all the way. LOGSTOR pipe solutions bring people together to create the most efficient energy solutions - ranging from politicians, utility owners, engineers, contractors, consumers and manufacturers. All in an orchestrated approach to fuel and shape the world and combat climate change.

Energy efficient pipe systems with the very best insulation properties will ensure that only a minimum of produced energy goes to waste when transported over long distances - no matter if the energy is hot water, cold water, oil, gas or other precious liquids. More than 50 years of research, exploration and development in close dialogue with our customers have made LOGSTOR the leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems for any media - a second to none innovative leader, setting higher standards year after year. We invented the pre-insulated pipe, the flexible pipe, unique joints and fittings, and we were the first company to introduce environmentally friendly products for the manufacturing of the best insulation material.

Safety, quality and flawless deliveries are a matter of course at LOGSTOR - and we proudly deploy our many years of experience into long lasting energy solutions for people, for companies and for societies.

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