Gottlieb Paludan Architects provide consultancy within infrastructure, buildings and landscape. We are close to 100 employees and located in offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

For half a century, energy and utilities have played a central role in our portfolio, and we have been deeply involved in the development, design and construction of numerous large power plants and CHP plants. We hold extensive experience within the design and construction of transformer stations, switching stations and control rooms. Over the past 10 years, district cooling, geothermal energy and bio fuel projects have been added to our expertise.

We work based on our specialized knowledge, but we also look up from the drawing board and view our work in a larger societal context. Focusing on the basic functions of society, it is our mission to create better cities and societies through architecture of high technical and aesthetic quality.


Line of business:
Combined heat and power production (CHP)
District cooling
District heating
Waste incineration

Countries of interest:
United Kingdom

Gottlieb Paludan
Orientkaj 4
2150 Nordhavn
Tel: +45 4171 8200

Kristian Hagemann
Administrerende Direktør
Tel: +45 2857 5700