Forsyning Helsingør Varme A/S (FH Varme A/S) is an environmentally focused utility established in 1965.

Forsyning Helsingør Varme A/S (FH Varme A/S) covers approx. half of the heating market in the municipality, but over the next 10-12 years it is expected that all urban areas in the municipality will be supplied by district heating.


Today, more than 12,000 households, schools, institutions and commercial, are heated through the common heating networks, which in extent is about 142 km long.


Compared to other forms of heating, such as electricity, oil and individual natural gas, district heating is 10-50% cheaper, which is one of the reasons that so many change to district heating when the opportunity arise.


FH Varme A/S is governed by “the resting in itself” principle, meaning that only the necessary costs of constructing, operating and maintenance can be implemented through district heating tariffs.


The owners can not get a return on operations since the economy under the laws must “stand for itself.”


FH Varme A / S is based increasingly on CO2-neutral energy sources, such as wood chips, bio-oil, waste and other climate-friendly energy sources.



District heating


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