Electrically Driven, Large Scale Heat Pumps for District Heating and Industrial Applications

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Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Fenagy A/S is the leading manufacturer of industrial-scale air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps and refrigeration systems with CO2 as a refrigerant – with heat capacities ranging from 300 kW to 2 MW per rack. CO2 is a natural refrigerant that works within wide temperature ranges and is neither toxic nor flammable.

During the first two years, seven heat pumps have been commissioned mainly in the Danish district heating business, and the following 14 projects will soon be commissioned.

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Strong and Ambitious Owners

Fenagy was founded by four early pioneers within CO2 technology and are today +35 people doing R&D, engineering, and production.
In 2021, the Swedish company Beijer Ref, a mastodont within refrigeration technology, invested in Fenagy, and the ambitions are strong.

The Future’s Heat Production is Green

At Fenagy, it is believed that the future’s production of heat and refrigeration comes from heat pumps and refrigeration systems.
For district heating companies, Fenagy provides a robust design optimized for industrial environments. Furthermore, all components are well-known quality components. Per default, all racks are delivered with a Siemens PLC controller with in-house programmed algorithms for capacity control, evaporator control, and defrost. To improve the racks’ performance, Fenagy has developed its own ejector technology.

Areas of expertise

Heat Pumps

- Electric heat pumps

- CO2 as a refrigerant

- District heating

- High-temperature heat pumps

- Low GWP (1) and ODP (0)

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