ESTECH A/S, which was established in late 2018, is an engineering and development company that further develops a number of the high-tech and economically sustainable environmental technologies that have previously been placed in the sister company PureteQ A/S. ESTECH is a company in the Dansk Synergi Group with administration, testing center and production in Svendborg.

ESTECH has a special focus on solving recognized environmental problems and developing technologies that are always at the forefront of legislation and regulatory requirements. ESTECH’s patented sustainable technology solutions are specially developed for the process industry and the energy sector, including;

  • the purification of process water from industry, the energy sector and oil & gas sector
  • the purification and heat recovery of flue gas from high polluting industries, including biomass-fired combined heat and power plants
  • energy utilization of liquid industrial byproducts, hazardous waste and other alternative fuels with low calorific value and high water content.

ESTECH’s technologies are patented and full-scale tested at our production facilities in Svendborg. Our systems are tested in collaboration with accredited Danish GTS institutes before installation at the customer.

ESTECH works primarily with engineers and technicians with a high degree of competency in their respective field. Together, we are a dynamic team that focuses on developing, testing and working closely with our customers and partners to implement technological solutions that can transform and restore important resources such as clean air and clean water.

In addition to the above focus areas in the environment and energy, ESTECH will in the future also focus on the development of drone application technologies that can fully or partially support a continued development of high-tech innovation in the environment.

Process – and industrial waste water
ESTECH ‘Multi Stripper’ is a system for the purification of waste water from process plants. A high-tech Multi Stripper for the purification of aggressive flue gas condensate produced by combined heat and power plants, and polluted process water from other industrial processes. Polluted water typically contains a variety of chemical substances, such as heavy metals, salts, suspensions and fly ash, as well as a range of organic components like oil, PAH (tar substances) and formaldehyde.

The system is supplied as a container-based, plug & play solution, which ensures rapid, trouble-free installation and commissioning with minimal downtime of your existing plant. The system is also flexible in terms of volumetric sizing, concentration and physical positioning.

Contact us to discuss the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.

  • ESTECH ‘Multi Stripper’ effectively removes sulfate and heavy metals from process water
  • Ensures regulatory compliance relating to sulfate and heavy metals
  • Avoids the need for sodium hydroxide and other chemicals
  • Reduces water consumption during flue gas purification
  • Reduces deposits in the scrubber systems and other plant
  • Improves flue gas purification efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


Research and patents
Partnership with universities and GTS institutes

ESTECH collaborates with leading national and international GTS institutes. Furthermore, it’s our aim to expand our collaboration with schools and universities, specially the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Danish Technical University (DTU).

To protect our intellectual property, all of our technologies are covered by international patents.

Future ambitions
Drone Applications

ESTECH will continuously focus on an ambitious and targeted approach to innovative high-tech development of, for example, applications for drones that can support a sustainable business model. We have therefore started a collaboration with SDU Dronecenter,(UAS Denmark) in order to ensure the best resources and competencies.

ESTECH’s production and development facilities are situated in Svendborg.

Our production facilities are used primarily to build technological systems for full-scale testing. Here, we also build systems for our customers using a relatively high degree of outsourcing. Our workshops and production facilities are equipped with industry-standard machinery and lifting gear, so we are always ready to take on a wide range of construction activities. We also collaborate with local and international companies.

We have a practical approach to our solutions as we involve all parties in the development. Our starting point is identifying a real demand for a solution that other technologies are unable or have difficulties to meet; a solution that is better, cheaper or more effective.

Line of business:

District heating
Drone applications
Process and industrial waste water
Solar heating

Countries of interest:

All countries

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Torben Ellegaard
Tel: + 45 5364 1083