DESMI – Reliable, energy efficient pump solutions for production of heat & power and distribution of District Heating and Cooling.

DESMI has approx. 90 years of experience when it comes to the supply of energy efficient pump solutions for Combined Heat & Power as well as District Energy.

With DESMI you get pump solutions for:

  • Combined Heat & Power Plants.
  • Tri-generation Plants.
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Chiller Plants
  • District Heating – transmission and distribution.
  • District Cooling – transmission and distribution.
  • Operational reliability
  • Energy Optimization.
  • Service friendly solutions.

DESMI provide pumps and pump solutions for the supply of i.e. Combined Heat & Power Plants(Cogeneration), Waste-to-Energy Plants, Supply of District Heating/Cooling, Power Plants, Larger HVAC (chilled water and cooling tower applications etc.) and waste water etc.
Operational reliability, energy optimization and service friendliness are essential headlines for a business that services cities, buildings and not least, people.


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Fax: +45 9817 5499
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