In the Greater Copenhagen Area five municipalities have joined forces to produce a common district heating system. In 1984 the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen and Taarnby formed the Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission company – known as CTR.

The main objective for CTR is to utilize waste heat from refuse incineration plants and combined heat and power plants (CHP’s). The company is responsible for the purchase of heat from production units and for the transport of this heat through the transmission net for sale to its five owners and to VEKS – CTR’s affiliated company to the west. CTR also operates back-up units and produces heat on its own account during peak load periods. To be able to fulfil all these tasks CTR has laid a 54 kilometre (34 miles) long pipe-line using 3 booster pump stations, 14 peak load units, and 26 heat exchanger stations to transfer the heat to the local district heating systems. All these installations are managed from CTR’s central control room in Frederiksberg, using computer-based control, regulating and monitoring systems.


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District heating

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All countries

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