COWI is engaged in a broad variety of energy planning and engineering activities at all levels throughout the world. COWI is an independent Danish firm of consulting engineers and planners, founded in 1930. The permanent staff totals about 3,600 employees. COWI is a privately owned company with the COWI Foundation as majority shareholder.

COWI is a leading north European consulting group providing state-of-the-art services within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics with due consideration for the environment and society. COWI is one of the leading specialists regarding design, optimization and rehabilitation of district heating and cooling systems through introduction of new technologies and state-of-the-art real time system operation. COWI conducts business opportunity studies and feasibility studies for investors, industries and utilities within the field of energy.


Line of business:
Combined heat and power production (CHP)
District cooling
District heating
Energy efficiency
Energy planning
Waste incineration

Countries of interest:
All countries

Parallelvej 2
2800 Lyngby
Tel.: +45 5640 0000
Fax: +45 5640 9999


Brian S. Larsen
Senior Vice President, Industry & Energy
Søren K. Christensen
Technical Director, District Heating
Torben Hermansen
Vice President, District Heating