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BWSC, Ever Better Energy

Headquartered near Copenhagen, Denmark, BWSC provides specialized consultancy, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance services at power plants and green energy facilities worldwide.

“Power Plant Health”

Forty years of experience with energy infrastructure, a diverse staff of seasoned experts, full technology independence and our big-picture “Power Plant Health” approach make us uniquely able to help customers define their ambitions and reach them through expert design and continuous improvement of their facilities.

Commitment to the green energy transition

A key BWSC strength is our ability to help conventional power plants improve their environmental performance via fuel conversion, renewables integration and efficiency boosting technologies and practices. Combined with our solutions for biomass processing, waste-to-energy conversion, power-to-x, energy storage and carbon capture, this work demonstrates our commitment to the green energy transition.


You will find BWSC's YouTube channel here.

Areas of expertise

Consultancy, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance services :

O&M services
Boiler-based plant services
Diesel-driven plant services
P2X plants
Green energy facilities

Countries of interest:
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Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
Gydevang 35,
P.O. Box 235, 3450 Allerød
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Alain Ruiz Iman

Alain Ruiz Iman, BWSC

Business Development Manager, O&M
Mobile phone +45 3190 4798