We are your flexible, expert full-service pipe system supplier.

BRUGG Pipes specializes in manufacturing and selling pipe systems for transporting liquids, gases, and heat safely and efficiently globally. BRUGG Pipes is your reliable partner in local and district heating, cooling, cold water systems, industry, and filling stations. Our skilled staff can help with everything from laying advice to project management and installation.

Thanks to our wide range of products, expert advice, engineering, and precise piping, we can offer you the best solutions and stand behind you throughout your entire project.

The customer is our employer. Our internal and external customer focus comes without compromise.

We have always wanted BRUGG Pipes to be synonymous on the market with reliability, efficiency, and flexible solutions and are incredibly proud to have achieved this.

We partner on all levels and aim to act for the customer's good. We believe in performing instead of waiting it out, solving problems instead of managing them, developing our initiatives instead of waiting and seeing, taking responsibility instead of apportioning blame, and breaking new ground instead of treading well-worn paths.


Areas of expertise

District heating
Energy efficiency

Countries of interest:
All countries


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Per Skafte, BRUGG Pipes

Per Skafte
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