Biosteel a/s is a company built on years of experience in the steel industry as a supplier of both components and complete solutions for the shipping industry, district heating sector, power plants, food industry and to the oil and energy sector.

biosteel Polska
We have our own office in Poland, which performs daily operations, such as:
● Production follow-up
● Quality follow-up during production
● Ensures required quality documentation
● Final inspection of finished items
● Ensures required packaging, labeling and delivery
● Participating in customer inspections

We offer complete solutions from idea to finished product. Through our cooperation with an engineering company in Poland, we perform calculations, layout drawings, prepare 2D/3D manufacturing drawings and upgrade customer drawings for applicable norms and standards.

The majority of our production is carried out by selected suppliers in Poland. We have cooperates with five factories with a total of more than 500 employees. These are modern facilities with up-to-date equipment, which gives us large capacity and a high flexibility.

All of our partners in Poland are ISO 9001 certified and they each have their own quality department.

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