Building advisor for technical construction projects since 1986

Arkikon is a design studio with experience as advisers for complex and technical construction projects since 1986. The supply industry is our niche. We know the industry from district heating to wastewater treatment plants and transformer stations. We understand the technical requirements and the need for functionality, being able to combine these elements in a well-integrated design. With our knowledge of the market, the industry, and our own expertise, we can be both ambitious and realistic and get our customers safely through all phases of the construction process – even the most complex ones.

Technical experts and creative designers

Arkikon are owned by an interdisciplinary circle of four partners who believe that the interaction between different skills is the key to us being able to improve the projects. That is why Arkikon is a design studio where architects, engineers and constructors work closely together every day. Besides our different skills, we share the enthusiasm for technical, functional, and aesthetic challenges as well as a willingness to work with the latest digital and technological possibilities.

We think holistic and act with structure

In modern construction, there are many technical and functional requirements, and regardless of the sector we work in, our aim is to unite technology, aesthetics, and function to deliver fully integrated solutions. Our holistic approach is based on a detailed process, respect for the human and physical environment and a focus on how society develops. Through this, we consider all parameters in a construction project, so that we meet current needs and pave the way for future ones.


Line of business:
Combined heat and power production
District cooling
District heating
Transformer stations
Waste incineration

Countries of interest:
Northern Europe


Fornæsvej 9, Grenaa /
Reberbanevej 10, Randers
Tel: +45 8632 7844

Thomas Enevold, Arkikon
Thomas Enevold
Tel: +45 4020 3624

René Levinsen Rasmussen, Arkikon
René Levinsen Rasmussen
Partner/Technical Manager
Tel: +45 2891 9608

Jesper Quist Hauskov, Arkikon
Jesper Quist Hauskov
Partner/Project Manager
Tel: +45 2096 0762

Bo Brøgger Rasmussen, Arkikon
Bo Brøgger Rasmussen
Tel: +45 2169 5945